School Refund Policy

Any change or cancellation of courses must be notified in writing to St. George International College (SGIC) by the student. Under no circumstances are the application fees, home-stay placement fees and registration fees refunded. If the student registered through an agent, then the refund must be collected from the agent, and St. George International College (SGIC) is not responsible for additional charges incurred by the agent.

Rejected Visa

If the student is refused a student visa by the Canadian Consulate in his/her country, the student is entitled for full tuition fee refund minus registration fee of $150 Canadian Dollars and refund processing fee of $300 Canadian Dollars. Students must provide the original visa rejection letter from their local consulate and the refund will be processed within 45 days.

After the approval of a student visa by the Canadian Authorities, no refund will be made if the applicant does not come to college or does not study due to personal reasons.

Admission Deferral

The student must notify St. George International College (SGIC) in writing to defer his/her starting date of classes as early as possible, if a deferral is intended. An application fee of CN$100 will be charged if the written notification does not reach the school at least 14 days prior to the original starting date.

Cancellation of Courses

The student will be refunded all prepaid fees excluding the registration fee (CN $150), administration processing fee (CN $300), and Letter of Acceptance fee (CN $500) if only  requested 4 weeks or more prior to the starting date of classes. Rather, a 60% refund of prepaid fees will be given to the student (minus registration and processing fees), if the cancellation request is made within 4 weeks before the class starting date. No refund will be given to the student after the start date of the class.

In the case that the student receives a promotional package (for example, discounted tuition fee, scholarship), then a 50% fee refund will be given to the student if a cancellation request is made at least 4 weeks prior to the class starting date, and no refund after that time limit.


Refunds owed to students must be paid within 30 days of the institutions receiving a copy of the Study Permit denial letter.


***** For Vancouver Campus. We are following PCTIA Rules. ******  Press link


All home-stay fees excluding the placement fee (CN$150) can be refunded to the student only if the student gives written notice to cancel the home-stay at least 4 weeks prior to the home-stay starting date. Otherwise, the placement fee plus one-month of rent will be charged. Only the remaining balance can be refunded upon receipt of the student’s written notice.


  1. Students are self-reliant to obtain visas and other documents to enter and remain in Canada.
  2. Students are required pay the tuition and home-stay fees before the beginning of their studies.
  3. Students must abide by the school’s regulations: e.g. English only policy, class participation, doing homework, etc.
  4. Students must attend at least 80% of all classes to receive certificate of completion from SGIC, and those who are absent from more than 50% of their classes may be dismissed with school refund policy.
  5. SGIC will not be responsible for any lost or stolen personal belongings. It is the student’s responsibility to keep his belongings with him at all times.
  6. SGIC reserves the right to change the scheduled programs under special circumstances.
  7. SGIC selects home-stay family from those available, based on the information provided on the home-stay application form, and cannot guarantee to meet all personal preferences.It is the sole responsibility of the student to obtain visas and other documents to enter and remain in Canada.